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42nd Street Reputable or Not ?

If buying photo equipment is new for you, you might also want to do a little light reading before you go to the store — like “Consumer Reports” or its most recent annual buying guide, and maybe some of the photo magazines. That will help you sort out not only what equipment is recommended by others, but also the types of features available on the equipment and which features you do or do not want.

If you’ve been here for 20 years, I’m frankly a bit surprised you don’t have more knowledge of the electronic stores — simply because there have been so many scams, disreputable dealers, bankruptcies, etc. that got a lot of media coverage. But maybe you don’t watch TV or read the paper, which is probably not such a bad idea.

In the past I’ve gone to 47th Street (when it was open) and B&H more recently. My wife is a photographer so the research part has been taken care of. I did a search on bizrate.com and 42nd Street popped up with good reviews and a great price on the item I was looking to buy. But, as you pointed out, I’m familiar with the scams so I was curious if anyone else had any good (or bad) experience with this store.

I do read the papers (internet version and blogs) but don’t watch much tv.  So , here is it the final verdict which includes my personal review and do work on your research and choose wisely.